The Charge: Support the creation of an exit strategy and a business start-up


  The Player:

A professional in an unsatisfying role who wanted to leave the firm she was in and reinvigorate her private practice.

The Challenge:

Major health issues plague the professional. She needed a lot more white space on her calendar to act responsibly regarding her well-being.  She feared having too little business to sustain her and her family because she had been out of contact with her network for some time. Her confidence was shaken from the unsatisfying experience with the firm she was ensconced in.

The Solution:

We reexamined the network to see what potential there was for the professional to reconnect. The client mounted a political-type campaign of “grinning and gripping” to give her a better idea of business possibilities from these dormant sources. She planned her exit by treating it as a project using project management principles and software. After a month’s hiatus, she found new office space, launched a website, and got several big assignments from her networking efforts.

The Outcome:

A new way of doing business (outsourcing, referral, and passive income streams) has been pursued with considerable success for several years, permitting the professional to take three months off annually. With her free time, she and her spouse spawned a new enterprise that rides a current trend in health care and promises to support her and the family long term.