The Charge: Improve the leadership abilities of a senior management team


  The Players:

New leader and six of her direct reports

The Challenge:

The department morale was suffering from role confusion, lack of visibility among its customers, and limited prospects for promotion and for consideration in succession planning. Rumor had it that four consultants, had they been situated elsewhere in the company, would have made partner by now.

The Solution:

Two coaches took the seven people through one-on-one coaching for periods ranging from two to eight months. The coaches assessed by means of the Predictive Index ™ the strengths and liabilities of the management team. Based on the assessment results, individual coaching focused on one or more of the following areas, as appropriate to the executives’ leadership roles:

  • Re-examination of how the corporate vision was articulated in the executives’ own realm and initiation of strategies for disseminating it among division employees
  • Creation and implementation of alignment strategies for dealing with key customers and counterparts in other service areas of the company
  • Development of alternative leadership styles
  • Upgrade of management skills for increased leadership responsibilities

The Outcome:

Four people made partner within the year; one moved into a new executive role in another area of the company where he achieved major visibility and also attained partner status. All became more integrated in client work at the strategic planning stage rather than when mid-course corrections or triage were needed.