The Charge: Prepare an executive for the top position in his company’s marketing organization


  The Player:

Top-producer returned six months earlier from a wildly successful international assignment.

The Challenge:

The executive’s recent peer review suggested that no one wanted to work with him, no matter how brilliant his ideas, nor how successfully he turned results around.

The Solution:

With the results  of a behavior and communications assessment in hand, the client and his coach developed a month-long trial to enlarge the executive’s perspective, recognize the contributions of others, and deploy one of his lieutenants as a peace-keeping agent, while he recalibrated his own attitude and behavior. Month 1’s experiment was followed by a 10-month long campaign to focus everyone’s attention on the desired outcome rather than on the method for achieving the outcome, which had been the source of major friction.

The Outcome:

The results of the executive’s next peer review represented a 180 ° improvement over the previous year. Although several players chose other assignments and left the team, the executive fired no one. The attrition in the team allowed the executive to hire his own talent, which he carefully selected to offset his own deficits. He did attain the senior-most marketing position and has geometrically improved the results of his department.