Assessments-DiagnosticsWe use assessments to help you establish where your development efforts should be focused.

We customize assessments to your organization’s needs by conducting a series of in-depth interviews and/or observations to allow your leaders to see themselves as others do and determine course correction strategies.

And we administer diagnostics, if desired…

Keen to learn how to adapt your communications style to the moment?
DISC™ measures how you act and communicate.

Trying to understand perceptions of where your leadership strengths lie and where you can become more agile?
Leadership Agility (LA) 360 is a superb, exceptionally well-researched instrument that stimulates insights, behavior change and experimentation.

Interested in managing conflict before it arises?
Consider the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument©.

We partner with other resources when baseline readings of behavior, strengths, or competencies are needed to inform your leadership of your company. You and your coach will arrive at the right assessment for you.

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