Corporate executives and the managers who work under them are, with increasing frequency, using the term coaching to describe how they get others to achieve specific results. Usually, coaching is simply a new word they have adopted- their behavior remains the same. No new strategy, no new results.

When an executive really coaches her people, she is operating from a new mindset, employing a new technology, expecting new outcomes, and exercising patience with herself and those who report to her as everyone shifts to the new way of relating.

Our “Master Class” meets over 12 weeks in one-hour-long tele-sessions to support executives who want to integrate coaching technology into their leadership approach. While designed with one executive in mind, as many as 10 executives from the company can participate in a call. The objective is to engage the executive(s) in situational coaching using role-play, role reversal, and skill recognition in every session. By the end of 12 weeks, the executive will have coached and been coached in 12 different situations, learned and practiced 12 key coaching skills both in and out of class, and examined three case studies – one of her own devising – using coaching technology.