Our founder Meryl Moritz is a certified master coach through the International Coach Federation and serves as an ICF examiner. She is also a coach educator, now on faculty of P.E.M.I. Shanghai Institute, and previously on faculty of the University of Miami’s Certified Professional Coach Program, and of New York University’s Certificate of Coaching Program, and Coach U’s coach certification program.

As part of her commitment to the quality standard for executive and business coaches, she mentors a few coaches a year who are on a path to earning their professional credential and satisfying ICF’s requirement for mentor coaching. She also works with certified coaches to help them clarify their direction, position their services to the market, and ensure their clients get top value for their investment of time and money.

To qualify for mentor coaching with Meryl, a coach must be:

  • A student or graduate of a professional coach training program
  • Focused on executive, corporate or business clientele
  • Ready to co-create and be accountable to a strategic plan
  • Receptive to being “observed” and receiving feedback on their coaching
  • Prepared to commit to a minimum of 10 hours of sessions over three months.

mentor-coachingFor those coaches seeking to obtain a professional credential by the International Coach Federation, mentor coaching is a requirement.  ICF’s definition of mentor coaching is very particular: “Providing professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency demanded by the desired credential level sought by a coach‐applicant (mentee) [i.e. offering coaching on coaching skill/competency development].”

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Sheila Baker, Director of Associate Development • The Westervelt Company

"As a mentor coach, Meryl is one of my most valued partners. Her ability to challenge, encourage and champion my way of thinking, enables me to achieve great success as I lead an internal corporate coaching program. As evidence of that success, The Westervelt Company was awarded the Southeast Coaches Association’s 2010 Prism Award, an award recognizing organizational excellence through coaching and one made possible due to her ability to push the boundaries on what I thought was possible. Our work together continues to ignite great possibilities."
Sheila Baker
Director of Associate DevelopmentThe Westervelt Company
Colleen Bracken, Founder and President, Bracken Leadership LLC.

"Meryl is a supervisor who is attuned to what really matters to me. She listens deeply to my narrative and gets to the heart of the issue with precision questioning and liberal doses of empathy. Not only do I end up seeing things through an entirely new lens, I feel my coaching maturing in each session. Although supervision is a different animal from mentoring, Meryl was my mentor early in my coaching career. It was a successful partnership, one in which I learned a lot about myself from the acknowledgment and feedback Meryl provided and felt confident to coach in the way she modeled for me. That's why I turned to her now for supervision. I made the right decision: even as an advanced coach, I experienced breakthroughs in my coaching due to Meryl's high standards, keen insights & unconditional support. - Colleen Bracken, President and Managing Partner, Bracken Leadership. "
Colleen Bracken
Founder and PresidentBracken Leadership LLC
Renée Robertson, President, Trilogy Performance

"Meryl and I re-designed my life to not only support the needs of my growing family, but also to transform my career from the role of a senior manager at MCI to the founder of MCI Commercial Account's Executive Coaching and Leadership Program. Through her guidance, constant support, intuitive nature and business savvy, I was able to propose such a program, secure the position of Executive Coach and build an award winning Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Program first at MCI and later at Verizon Business"
Renée Robertson
PresidentTrilogy Performance
John Felitto Mind Development Trainer & Coach Radio Talk Show Host & Author of The Intentions Article Series Founder of

"Meryl's unique combination of business savvy, strategic thinking and keen intuition was priceless in my transition to a totally new business. Meryl has an uncanny ability to hear what is not being said. Fearlessly and candidly she shares her inklings, always unconditionally honest and her assessments are consistently spot on. Her support enabled me to build my full practice in record time."
John Felitto
Mind Development Trainer & Coach Radio Talk Show Host & Author of The Intentions Article Series Founder of

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