Sample Roadmap – Here is an example of how the PGPS Program was customized to one corporate executive’s circumstances and preferences. Since each leader’s situation is different, each Coaching Program is individualized.  Contact us.

First Quarter, 2013 Logistics

ClientManaging Director, Latin America
ContextNew leadership position, virtual team, operating in a silo fashion, needing to collaborate more with peers, be more accessible to direct reports, and develop greater emotional intelligence
Coaching GoalsBuild alliances with heads of other groups; improve communications with internal and external stakeholders and Board; enhance capacity for emotional self-management
Client RoleShare first quarter goals with Executive Vice President

Assess ‘health’ of relationships with key interface people in organization

Take emotional intelligence assessment

Identify desired new behaviors and practice
Keep track of emotional states and reactions

Report back on practice results
Set date/meet with EVP re: first quarter accomplishments and second quarter goals.
Coach RoleIntroduce all elements of program and co-create coaching compact with client and manager

Do situational analysis, brainstorm, discuss and co-design actions for new behaviors.
Challenge and stretch the client to leverage potential and strengths

E-mail recap and agreed-upon actions after each session.

Be available for between-session calls and emails.

Observe client in meetings and give just in time feedback.

Co-create report on first quarter outcomes with client.

Reiterate, remind, and provide support for achieving and applying PGPS daily for duration of coaching engagement.

Prepare Return On Investment (ROI) report at end of engagement

First Quarter Recap of Managing Director Coaching

January1 (on site with “sponsor”)

1 (telephone)

Vision articulated.
Initiated buzz around vision. First quarter goals drafted, submitted, approved. Compact created.
February1 (on site)

1 (telephone)

Observation of client leading virtual staff meeting.
Debriefed meeting observation. Introduced wide-angle lens.
Alignment strategies devised re: cross-functional team members. Managed buzz.
March2 (telephone)3Personnel redeployed. New hires in place. Alignment strategies defined/implemented with other new product department heads.
Total Quarter69.5All objectives met.

Tally includes only time executive spent in formal coaching sessions / observations.

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