Meryl Moritz to Speak at International Coach Federation NYC Conference on October 4, 2006

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 1, 2006 – Executive coaching is something heard of but seldom seen except by the privileged few whose companies hire coaches for them or who are willing to foot the bill on their own. To demystify the subject, Executive Coach Meryl Moritz and one of her Australian clients, entrepreneur and world-traveler Katie Gallagher, will be on stage at the International Coach Federation’s – NYC Coaching Conference at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 4, 2006 for a live coaching demonstration called “Do the Bright Thing.”

Moritz, who is a certified master coach, says that executive coaching is an evocative experience for both the coach and the person being coached. “The coach begins a cross-examination of her client, first attempting to understand who this person is, and then learning what he or she really wants from coaching. The questioning is never random but rather builds to a point where action is the natural next step. The ultimate objective is to create an environment where insights abound. Often the coach is pelted with insights herself. It is a very empowering proposition for both parties.”

Only after fully appreciating who”the client is and what he or she wants to achieve, does Moritz decide on a coaching direction. After coaching hundreds of executives for thousands of hours each year, Moritz has created a proprietary coaching program that accelerates the executive’s development. Called Personal Global Positioning Systems, it takes its lead from the locator systems now featured in top of the line cars.

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