It’s that time of year again…to set goals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 1, 2009 – It’s that time of year again…to set goals (and remember the goals you failed to meet last year.)  Despite how insistent our society is on having goals, many of us collectively shudder at the prospect of writing goals down on paper, fearing we won’t achieve them, as we didn’t last year. It’s truly mystifying how we say we fervently want to do something, but often fail to follow through.

Executive Coach Meryl Moritz has light to shed on this topic when she hosts a Wisdom Circle session on Saturday, December 5 for the 14th annual ICF International Conference at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Moritz, a master certified coach herself, says that mastering the competency of planning and goal setting is critical to successful coaching.  “When was the last time someone asked you, ‘What do you really want?’ Or ‘what will success look like?’” The coach’s curious cross-examination of her client is the first step toward creating a safe environment where insights are abundant, and energy is created and channeled into new direction.

The best examples of planning and goal setting look messy and unformed at the outset.  The coach and client embark on a spelunking (cave exploration) adventure.  Both parties step into the unknown, the dark, the ‘as-yet-undiscovered.’  Coaching, of course, isn’t the first or only discipline to focus on planning and goal setting.  Sister disciplines of psychology, hypnosis, and others have helped pave and continue to light the way.

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