Meryl Moritz, joins a world-class team in the third-ever SupporTED Collaboratorium

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 21, 2013 –  Meryl Moritz President of Meryl Moritz Resources LLC, and Vice Chair of the International Coach Federation, joins a world-class team of coaches and other professionals in the third-ever SupporTED Collaboratorium, November 6 through 9, 2013, in Dallas, Texas. The Collaboratorium is a live, dynamic experience sponsored by the SupporTED program, where teams of coaches and other professionals offer their knowledge, talents, and ideas to TED Fellows.

Moritz has been executive coach to Ted Fellows from Australia, Cambodia, and India over the past several years. It is her first time serving as an advocate for breakthrough to an entire group of TED innovators.

SupporTED is sponsored by The Harnisch Foundation and Renee Freedman & Company. It generously provides professional coaching and mentoring services at no charge to the TED Fellows. Support from a world-class coach or mentor can enable the TED Fellows to maximize their effectiveness and to make the most of their TED Fellowship. TED Fellows will have the opportunity to design the next steps in their projects, to meet their challenges head-on, and to create balanced and healthy personal lives.

The SupporTED coaches are some of the world’s most effective and intuitive coaches. The SupporTED mentors are highly respected and successful professionals interested in supporting a TED Fellow in their quest to change the world. Each coach and mentor is inspired by the TED mission and the opportunity to coach / mentor TED Fellows.

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