For Immediate Release

Meryl Moritz, Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Meryl Moritz Resources LLC in New York, will be in Shanghai delivering training to entrepreneurs, as well as Human Resources specialists, Department Heads and Managers, trainers and professional coaches in an Advanced Coaching Program.

The program, “How to Build a Business Case for Organizational Coaching” will debut October 29th and 30th, 2016. Sponsored by P.E.M.I. Shanghai, the workshop will be run at No.2558 West Yan An Road, Chang Ning Area, Cypress Garden Hotel Shanghai, PRC, 201103.

Moritz presents organizational coaching as a proven solution for such institutional challenges as:

  • Teams fighting instead of collaborating.
  • Managers ordering people around instead of training and encouraging employees.
  • New managers struggling to learn how to be competent leaders of people.

Moritz’s ‘proof’ is in the form of R.O.I. studies on the impact coaching has had on emotional intelligence of staff and management; productivity and morale; financial performance; and teaming and collaboration.

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