FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   October 25, 2018


On Sunday, October 28th, 2018, 13:30-15:30, the International Coach Federation (ICF) Shanghai chapter will host an afternoon workshop entitled Coaching for Maximum Impact. The event is designed for business decision makers, HR practitioners, and professional coaches to illuminate how coaching technology can have the greatest impact on organizational efficiency.

“Professional coaching has become a very popular development strategy for business people,” says Meryl Moritz, visiting organizational coaching expert from the United States, who will be the guest speaker. “However, the most effective coaching doesn’t focus only on the issue at hand but at the wide angle view, or big picture. Business people must make decisions by considering all the possible impacts and interdependencies on their department, their company, and their industry. Coaches must learn how to support their clients to have the ‘big picture’ view.”

Ms. Moritz appears courtesy of ZheDaoxing Enterprise Management Consulting Co. , a Shanghai-based academy which conducts training in business skills and coach education programs. She is a coaching pioneer who works with executives and teams on five continents and a coach educator who has trained the new generation of coaching in Europe, Asia and North America.

The venue for the workshop is Multi-function Hall, 1st Floor, Compaq Court Hotel, 2558 Yan’an West Road, Shanghai. Free for ICFS members; non-members pay RMB100.

Meryl Moritz is President of New York-based Meryl Moritz Resources LLC and a Master Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation. She has designed and measured coaching programs for dozens of organizations in her 24 years of practice as a professional coach. She has taught coaching at the University of Miami, Florida, at New York University, and is presently an examiner for Columbia University in New York. In China, Ms. Moritz trains coaches for PEMI Shanghai’s NLP coaching program. To learn more about Ms. Moritz, visit   To learn more about PEMI Shanghai’s coaching program visit

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