FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 1, 2015 – Meryl Moritz, visiting organizational coaching expert from the United States, will be the guest speaker for ZheDaoxing Enterprise Management Consulting Co. public workshop on October 24, 2015, “Measurement Makes a Difference: A Credible Approach to Justify Coaching Programs.” The workshop will take place at the Cypress Garden Hotel, No.2558, yan an (w) Road, Shanghai.

Coaching has gained significant momentum as a resource for workforce development. Experienced coaches and HR/Talent Development managers know that people who participate in coaching think it is a great experience. Still, budgets for coaching dry up and coaching programs get cancelled. Why? The participants themselves and the senior management could not see any real, financial impact to the organization. ROI is the ultimate measure of accountability: it answers the question “For every yuan invested in coaching, how many yuan were returned, above and beyond the investment?”

Meryl Moritz is a President of New York-based Meryl Moritz Resources LLC and a Master Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation. She has designed and measured coaching programs for dozens of organizations in her 21 years of practice as a professional coach. She teaches coaching at the University of Miami, Florida, to organizational managers of Human Resource, Learning and Development, and Talent Management functions, is an examiner for Columbia University in New York, and trains coaches for PEMI Shanghai’s NLP coaching program. To learn more about Ms. Moritz, visit   To learn more about PEMI Shanghai’s coaching program visit

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