The HR Forum 2004

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October  1, 2003 – When the luxury ocean liner Norwegian Dawn sails out of New York Harbor on May 13th, 2004, Executive Coach Meryl Moritz will be one of the invited guests, but with a mission. That mission is to help human resources executives in the floating HR Forum 2004 take a breather and do for themselves what they usually help others do: focus on their personal and professional hopes and dreams, and devise strategies for achieving them.

Delegates to The HR Forum average 21+ years of experience in the HR industry. During the Forum’s two and a half days at sea, delegates attend seminars, workshops, clinics, and industry “brain-shares” with their peers. Ms. Moritz will be on hand for private coaching consultations with executives who outline their goals prior to the session in a confidential questionnaire. Typically, executive coaching involves several meetings per month for a six-month stretch or longer and focuses on honing the executive’s leadership presence; leveraging individual strengths and delegating weaknesses; inventorying team strengths and playing to them to build an even more winning team. But Ms. Moritz will dramatically accelerate that course for Forum delegates and hit the high notes in a single session of her proprietary coaching program Personal Global Positioning Systems.

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