“Coach” – One Of The Fastest Growing Occupational Titles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August  18, 2004 – In the past ten years, one of the fastest growing occupational titles in the country has been “Coach.” With the proliferation of coaches, a public concern arose: what skills make a good coach (or a coach good)? The International Coach Federation (ICF), a world-wide association of professional coaches, addresses this concern with its rigorous certification process. “Master Certified Coach” or “MCC” is the highest of three levels of credentials awarded by the ICF.

In July, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., Meryl Moritz, MCC and Principal of the organizational coaching firm Meryl Moritz Resources, will join the faculty of New York University’s Center for Management in the School of Continuing Professional Studies.

Ms. Moritz began her coaching career after 8 years as a management consultant, preceded by 7 years as a senior executive in two global corporations. She founded Meryl Moritz Resources to help organizations create coaching cultures in which leaders are masters of dialogue and respecters of the contributions of all players on their team.

As an ICF credentialing examiner, Ms. Moritz will bring the ICF’s standards into her teaching of the next generation of leadership coaches. She will be facilitating classes on the foundations of coaching, related disciplines, theory, and skills. She will supervise studies of students who are aiming to earn certification from NYU as an organizational and executive coach and ultimately examine their competencies in a final Master Class setting.

To find out more about Meryl Moritz Resources, call 914-793-3936, or visit www.merylmoritzresources.com.

To find out more about NYU’s Certificate in Coaching programs, visit www.scps.nyu.edu.

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